benteng-benteng di indonesia

update: artikel di jakarta post tentang benteng-benteng di indonesia dan program inventarisasinya oleh pusat dokumentasi arsitektur [pda].


History of fortresses in Eastern Indonesia

One might reasonably ask what spices, especially cloves (Eugenia aromatica) and nutmeg (Myristica fragrans), has to do with forts and fortresses?

The main reasons the European sailor sail to Asia is to control trade routes and the spice-producing regions.

Many efforts had been done to cut out the monopoly of traders from India and China and Middle East over the spices trading until Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama reached India in 1499 through Cape of Good Hope which regarded as the opening the route to Asia.

artikel selengkapnya disini

Rescuing common heritage

Perhaps because they were mostly constructed in colonial era, we never regarded them as part of our history.

Fortifications as military construction or building designed for defense in warfare has been constructed by human for thousand of years in a variety of complex designs.

Long before colonial time many fortifications have been built around the country but perhaps because many of these defense constructions were built in colonial time, they have long been neglected after the nation gain its independence.

In an effort to preserve these historical defense structures, a new effort has been launched to assess traditional and colonial fortifications around the country. The aim is to provide the government with a database for the preservation and also raising community awareness on the importance these structures.

artikel selengkapnya disini


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