TKE Architecture Award 2011

287 projects from 59 countries participate at the 12th ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award. Organized in collaboration with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the competition seeks to award the best design for the Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Center.

This International Architecture Competition is called in order to select the design of Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Centre, which is to be the first institution in Turkey with intended facilities.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is willing to establish a centre fully equipped with adequate technology and facilities in order to be prepared against a disaster that may affect Istanbul and to develop public consciousness about the disasters and specifically about earthquakes. The centre will also be hosting relevant courses, congresses and seminars.

Equipped with visual and audio educational appliances and simulation systems, the centre will allow experiencing earthquake, hurricane, fire fighting, smoke, liquefaction, tsunami, first aid and emergency communications. It is also intended to offer information to the visitors through planetarium, library, seminar/meeting halls, information boards, etc. which are to be designed using the latest technology.

The Jury

Honorary Chairman:

TOPBAŞ Kadir – Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality




DE LA HOZ CASTANYS Rafael – Architect
DURÓ Y PIFARRE Jaume – Former Chairman, UIA
ELKERDANY Dalila – Architect
GHOLAM Nabil – Architect
KOLATAN Sulan – Architect
KONURALP Mehmet – Architect
MATEUS Manuel Aires – Architect
ORTÍZ GARCÍA Antonio – Architect
ÖZKAN Süha – Architect
RIZA PARSA Ali – Architect
TUMERTEKIN Han – Architect
VEGARA Alfonso – Architect


ÇELIKBILEK Kortan – Interior Architect and Environmental Designer

FINAL RESULTS: November 24, 2011

1st prize winner: Radionika Arhitekture – Croatia

Goran Rako – Team Leader
Sara Jurincic
Iva Pejic
Iva Perucic
Ana Rako
Josip Sabolic


2nd prize winner: Group8Asia – Vietnam

Manuel Der Hagopian – Team Leader


3rd prize winner: 109architectes – Lebanon

Youssef Mallat – Team Leader


Short listed:

0115 Egypt
Omar Rabie (design author) – Team leader
Manar Moursi (design author)
Supporting team:
Hesham Yusri
George Talaat
Hesham Sharara
Hadi el Khouly
Rafik Adel
Omar Etman
Ahmed Abuhindia


0144 Italy
Renato Giuseppe Sarno – Team leader
Giacomo Penco
ARUP Turkey (collaborator)
ARUP ITALIA (collaborator)


0162 Colombia
Julián Restrepo Molina – Team leader
Pablo Forero Quintero
Karen Argüello (collaborator)
Manuela Mosquera (collaborator)
Ivanovha Benedetto (collaborator)
Juan Cuberos (collaborator)


0216 Spain
Ana Peñalba Estébanez – Team leader
María Mallo Zurdo
Jaime López García
Ignacio Álvarez-Monteserín
Beatriz Crespo Martín
Lys Villaba Rubio
Alicia Domingo Medrano
Javier Gutierrez Rodriguez
Juan Dafydd Jones Aleñar
Jorge López Hidalgo


0222 Greece
Tsabikos Petras – Team leader
Alexandros Kitriniaris
Ioannis Farkonas
Georgios Housos


0234 Poland
Zbigniew Wronski – Team leader
Szczepan Wronski
Agnieszka Nowicka
Michal Czerwinski
Krzysztof Butrym
Marta Sekulska


0268 Romania
Bogdan Constatin Neagu (author) – Team leader
Iulian Oanta (co-author)
Dragos Constantin (collaborator)
Dana Stanciucu (collaborator)


more info: ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award 2011



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