id pavilion @ la biennale 2014


Pavilion of INDONESIA

At the 14th International Architecture Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia


Craftsmanship: Material Consciousness

The Indonesian Pavilion tells stories about Indonesian experience on building things during the last one hundred years. The theme Craftsmanship (Ketukangan) is perceived as a quality that underlines the act of building in Indonesia, which in turn defined -unconsciously- the way we design and appreciate our buildings. Craftsmanship (Ketukangan) is an alternative way to humanize the act of working. Craftsmanship (Ketukangan) brings man closer to material, “through” and “with” the hands and tools available to us. It evokes our sensitivity towards labor, materials, the natural environment, and everything that is concrete and ever-changing. Here, Craftsmanship (Ketukangan) can be an economic, aesthetic, and even ethical answer to the materiality. The theme is approached from six materials and crafts that have been closely linked with our architectural history, namely: timber and carpentry, stone and masonry, bricks and brickworks, concrete and concrete works, metals and metal works, and bamboo and bamboo crafts. Each materials are witnesses to the way we use, value, and celebrate them through architecture.



Endy Subijono, Bambang Cahyo Murdoko, Daliana Suryawinata, Elitua Simarmata, I Putu Widjaja Thomas Brunner, Zoraida Ibrahim.


Avianti Armand, Achmad Tardiyana, David Hutama, Robin Hartanto, Setiadi Sopandi.

Project Manager

Steve J. Manahampi

Photography and Videography

Paul Kadarisman, Mahendratta Sambodho, Muhammad Revaldi

Graphic Designer

le bo ye


Vicky Madison

With the support of

Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Harry Waluyo)

Ministry of Education and Culture (Wiendu Nuryanti)

Indonesian Institute of Architects (Munichy B. Edrees, Satrio Herlambang, Agus Marsudi)




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